Rules of Roleplaying

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Rules of Roleplaying

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:30 am

Hey there!
Welcome to West Paw High!
Here ill tell you all the rules you need to know and follow!
Ill try to be as clear as possible!

Basic roleplaying Rules
1. Write in third person past tense! ex. She lifted the mug and looked inside it. There was nothing left in it. With a sigh Laika put it back down
2. Write atleast 3-5 lines back to the other person. So that he/she can answer probably. NOT: She sighed and looked away. DONE
3. No GODMODDING! that means you WONT control other charakters of people you rp with. So if you rp with Char1. And the other Char2. You will not write what char 2 is doing. (The owner of Char2 decides what char2 does. Your charakter does not)
4. Dont be to harsh, some have to learn how to rp or are not Native English. Give them constructive critisism.


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